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What is Speech and Language Therapy?
Communication development starts from the moment a child is born and is a process that never stops.
Even as adults we are still learning language. Speech and language therapy aims to help all children to communicate as well as possible. It aims to develop :
Communication skills that may include receptive language (what your child understands)
Expressive language (what your child signs or says)
Speech skills (how your child pronounces words)
Interaction skills (how your child uses language in conversations, for example, by asking questions)

For deaf children, speech and language therapy is most effectively provided by parents working with their child's therapist to help their child's communication skills during everyday life. Your child's speech and language therapist will also work closely with other professionals who may be involved with your family, in particular your child's teacher of the deaf.
Whatever communication choices you make for your child, speech and language therapy may be able to help your child to further develop their communication skills. Speech and language therapists provide a service that takes into account the needs and wishes of both you and your child.
Speech and language therapy at school
Some of the speech and language therapy provided in schools and settings takes the form of one to one sessions with a therapist. But very often the SALT will devise a programme for a child to be delivered by class teachers and teaching assistants. The SALT will provide training for the school staff and suggest communication targets for the child's individual education plan which should be integrated into the curriculum. This may take the form of one-to-one sessions, or more commonly group work.
Speech-Language Therapy
For children with some speech, therapists can provide help with :
Articulation disorders: some children have trouble saying some sounds or words correctly. For example, 'run' might sound like 'won' or 'say' might sound like 'thay'. Lisps are a common articulation disorder.
Fluency disorders: some children repeat some sounds or have trouble saying complete words. For example, the word 'story' might come out sounding 'st..st..story'. A stutter (or stammer) is a common fluency disorder.
Resonance or voice disorders: some children talk in a way which makes it difficult for people to understand them – as if they have a cold or are talking through their nose. Some individuals on the autism spectrum speak in a high-pitched voice or use robotic-like speech.
Language disorders: some children find it very difficult to understand what people are saying to them as they don't understand the meaning of words. Some children have trouble making themselves understood as they find it difficult to put words into sentences correctly. Children on the autism spectrum may have a very literal understanding of language or use their own idiosyncratic language. The correct use of pronouns is also often a problem.

Speech-language therapy is designed to coordinate the mechanics of speech with the meaning and social use of language. Such a program begins with an individual evaluation by a speech-language pathologist to assess an individual's verbal aptitudes and challenges. From this evaluation, the pathologist sets goals that may include mastering spoken language and/or learning nonverbal communication skills such as signs or gestures. In each case, the goal is to help the person communicate in more useful and functional ways.

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